What makes TechEd different?

It started with a passion for respiratory therapy and a desire to provide the highest quality services in the industry. Susan Blonshine saw a need for improvements with education, training, and pulmonary function testing. Additionally, there was a lack of standardization in the industry. She saw the risks and dangers of average testing and how it affected the lives of individuals. This drove Susan to build a company that would be better.  


Our devotion to providing superior testing and services, our dedication to our ethics and abiding to industry standards, and lastly, our commitment to education and giving back to our community sets us apart from other organizations.

In every aspect of our business, every decision we make, and every recommendation we provide is guided by our mission to provide quality services. This is something that we believe makes TechEd Consultants different. When you work with TechEd Consultants, you will find that we are relationship driven and community focused. We believe that when we can pull in different specialties, perspectives and expertise, we are stronger together than apart. For this reason, we have built relationships with experts across the globe.  


Our Values

  • We value our client relationships and providing them with only the highest quality of services.

  • We value our relationships with other industry experts and specialists all over the globe.

  • We value and stay true to industry standards.

  • We value continued education and training.

  • We value the community we live and work in.

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