Susan Blonshine

Susan Blonshine - President & CEO

Susan Blonshine is one of the country's leading authorities on respiratory therapy, and, specifically, pulmonary function testing. At TechEd, she acts as the chief Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Specialist and directs all of the company's educational and consultative services.

Susan was one of the first registered respiratory therapists at Ingham Regional Medical Center. She spent more than two decades in the hospital's pulmonary function lab, where she took part in pioneering research on pulmonary rehabilitation, sleep and asthma. She left Ingham Regional in 1996 and went on to found TechEd Consultants.

Susan is a lifetime member of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), and has many board appointments related to respiratory care, asthma, and clinical laboratory standards.

She has published extensively in the field of respiratory therapy. She is co-author of Spirometry Quality: The Essentials and has contributed chapters to several other textbooks. She was involved in the development of the AARC's Clinical Practice Guidelines and the American Thoracic Society pulmonary function policy and prcedure manual, which is used today around the globe.

Susan has collected numerous awards and honors, but says her driving motivation is to ensure that patients get accurate test results and appropriate treatment.

Paul Blonshine


Paul Blonshine retired from a career in sales in 2004 to become TechEd's Vice President of Operations.

Prior to joining the TechEd staff full-time, he worked for 25 years with Lansing, Michigan-based Heartland Distributors, serving most recently as the company's Director of Marketing.

Paul manages all of TechEd's accounting, and his decades of business experience make him an ideal contact for client concerns involving billing and contract negotiations.

Jason Blonshine

JASON BLONSHINE - Manager OF Technical Operations

Jason Blonshine graduated from Ferris State University with a Associates in Respiratory Care and completed his Bachelor's Degree in Respiratory at Boise State University.  Jason has worked critical care for over 7 years and been involved in pulmonary function (PF) for over 10 years.  He has had experience with quality control in the pulmonary function lab and research environment, during this time he has helped with on-site training, development of quality control programs systems in PF Labs, equipment troubleshooting, extensive DLCO simulator experience and evaluating DLCO systems, monitoring and support of 200+ labs globally in addition to the development of the quality control data, analysis, and troubleshooting.