We believe that education is the key to improving outcomes for healthcare professionals and their patients the world over. TechEd educational services are designed to improve the understanding and performance of healthcare professionals administering pulmonary function testing.  

Through professional work and educational training, we have developed wonderful relationships with strong PF labs in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam.  In the US, the PF laboratory directors are in many cases colleagues and very familiar with our work in education and quality control monitoring. TechEd is personally involved in providing quality oversight for clinical research, healthcare systems and accreditation programs. 

Onsite Training  

We can develop on-site training programs to meet your PF Laboratory needs.

Pulmonary Function Webinars  

Quality Control Development and Implementation.

Development of Online Videos

We have developed a number of online videos for training purposes and are continually adding more to our video resource library. Contact us for more information on these videos.

NIOSH Spirometry Courses (Course Provider Number #118)  

Onsite courses available by request.   

Two Day Courses:

  • October 10-11, 2019 - Lansing, Michigan

  • December 2-3, 2019 - Lansing, Michigan

  • December 9-10, 2019 - Kansas City, Kansas (In collaboration with Vitalograph)

TechEd Consultants is proud to be the preferred provider for General Motors.

TechEd Educational Services

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