Our CEO, Susan Blonshine has a long history of providing consultative services to a number of clients including government, industry, and healthcare entities that lead to effective, quality driven services. Other members of our group can also provide services as required. 

Data integrity in pulmonary function testing is required for clinical decision making in all areas of care inclusive of clinical trials and occupational medicine.  

The list of services provides potential areas for consultative services. 

  • Quality Systems Development

  • Quality control development and immplementation 

  • Support meeting accredication standards

  • External quality audits 

  • Educational Seminars 

  • Competence assessment of PF staff 

  • Development of procedure manuals 

  • Development of orientation and competency programs 

  • Equipment comparisons/features 

  • Development of institutional education materials 

  • On-site application support and training 

  • Systems evaluation 

  • Billing and CPT coding for procedures 

  • New program/project development 


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